Afro Funk Jam night

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Hiro-a-key (vo.)
TJ (sax.)
Tetsuta Otachi (g.)
Shoji Ishiguro (b.)
Nanako Shino (per.)
Aine Fujioka (d.)

CICCI(Smile Village/ スマイラゲン/密林-Afrobeat Labo-)




[Aine Fujioka]

Freelance drummer
Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Professional Music major in 2006

Native of Hiroshima, Japan.
Aine picked up playing with the piano in her early age. After playing the trumpet in a school brass band for five years, she explored all the other music she was playing and listening to. Then she decided to move to Osaka by herself to go to music high school there to study drumming. After spending four years in Osaka, Aine found herself wanting to explore more. So she received scholarship from Berklee college of music and studied in professional music major. She is one of the few Japanese musicians who played at legendary music venue in Boston, Wally's Jazz Cafe on both Funk and Blues nights. She has been a long time member of the indie rock band, The Grownup Noise and she had played with Iyeoka, Sam Kininger, Jose Ramos and No! Way! Jose Band as well as many other Boston musicians.
After having spent her eight long years in Boston, she moved out Boston to her dream city, New York, where she played regularly at Terra Blues as one of the house band members with Bill Sims Jr., Clarence Spady, Hazmat Modine, Jerry Dugger, Junior Mac, and SaRon Crenshaw.

Since 2015, her music career continues in Berlin, where she re-gains and re-assures her
passion and love for music. She plays with Blues Rudy, Carlos Dalelane, Jan Hirte, Kat Baloun, Marcos Coll, Peter Schmidt, and TB Session Band among other Berlin musicians.


中学生でX Japanに出会いその音楽にのめり込む。ドラムを勉強したいが為に高校から大阪へ単身移住。すぐに頭角を表し、関西エリアで様々なバンドのキーボード、ドラム、トランペット、ボーカルを担当する。
先輩ミュージシャン達の影響を受けてWally's Jazz Clubに足繁く通い、
Funk Night、Blues Nightの両方で演奏を重ねた数少ない日本人ミュージシャンの一人。

8年間ボストンで生活した後、ニューヨークに拠点を移し、ブルースのレジェンドBill Sims Jr.を始めとする有名ミュージシャン達と共演を重ねる。
ベルリンのブルースシーンを中心に、Blues Rudy、Carlos Dalelane、Jan Hirte、Kat Baloun、Marcos Coll、Peter Schmidt、TB Session Bandと共演。