【DJ Envee "Time & Light" release party in TOKYO】

DJ Envee
DJ Groh (U know Me Records , Poland)

DJ Jin (Rhymester)
DJ Ladi (Jazzy Sport/Physical Sound Sport)
Masaya Fantasista (Jazzy Sport/Physical Sound Sport)

[Dance] BROKEN SPORT (Jazzy Sport)

[FOOD] FUJI TACOS (ドミンゴ企画)

[OPEN] 22:00
[CHARGE] 2,500yen(1d)

AEE02ED8-5562-4974-9D54-995F6413CCD5.JPG【DJ Envee プロフィール】

DJ Enveeのことを一言で紹介するのはとても難しいほどに、90年代後半から現在までその全てを書き切れないほどの様々なミュージシャンとのコラボレーション作品を
リリースして来たポーランドを代表するプロデューサーである。Compost, Jazz & Milk,Sonar Kollektiv , Wah Wah 45などに提供して来た様々なリミックスワークでその名を知る人も多いだろう。そんなEnveeが復活作とも言える"Time & Light"を多くのジャンルを巻き込んでリリースする!

Envee's bio:
It is hard to describe Maciek ?Envee" Goliński in just few sentences. He started to produce music in late 20th and cooperated with so many musicians that we don't even have enough space to introduce all of them.
You may also recognize Envee from remixes for well-known worldwide imprints - Compost, Jazz & Milk, Sonar Kollektiv, Wah Wah 45, GAMM and many more. ?Time & Light" finally shows his exceptional, mulit-genre talent on a complex release.

【DJ Grohプロフィール】
DJ Groh (1981年生まれ)はポーランドの数少ないインディペンデントレーベルでエレクトロニックを中心に50タイトル以上のアナログリリースを行っているU know Me RecordsのCEOでありA&R。傘下にオーガニックなサウンドが特徴のFunky Mamas And Papas Recordings, よりHIP HOPに焦点を当てたJuNoMi Recordsなどの運営も行っている。
Marcin 'groh' Grośkiewicz (born in 1981) - CEO and A&R of a few Polish independent vinyl labels such as electronic U Know Me Records (alomst 50 vinyl records in catalogue), organic Funky Mamas And Papas Recordings (16 vinyl records), hip-hop focused JuNouMi Records (16 vinyl records) and more. Vinyl only DJ, promoter, but most importantly - a music digger. In music industry since 1999 (hip-hop promoter). As a DJ since early 2000s, he played at some of the biggest Polish festivals and hundreds of clubs (including Berlin, Moscow and Tokyo) - always from vinyl records.

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