MARK de CLIVE-LOWE : Solo Live Experience

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[OPEN] 19:00
[START] 20:00(2Stage)
[CLOSE] 23:00
[CHARGE] Entrance Free (Tip for Music) / 1drink order

Musical maverick Mark de Clive-Lowe seems an impossibility at first sight - juggling
keyboards, synths, live sampling and beat making on-the-fly, all brought to life with a casual
ease that's mind-boggling. The half-Japanese New Zealander has released 12 albums since his critically acclaimed international debut 'Six Degrees' (2000) and now calls LA home where his acclaimed club night CHURCH has taken his brand of electronic and beat-infused jazz from coast to coast and around the globe. Equal parts electronic production wizard, jazz musician and composer MdCL's sets are a treat for the dancers, the listeners, the progressives and the purists alike - as he casually erases the lines between genres and eras bumping the dance floor with the finess of your favorite DJ - only, he's creating everything you hear live on the spot as it hits your eardrums. He collaborates with a Who's Who of modern music: from DJ culture legends including DJ Spinna, Kenny Dope and Jazzy Jeff, to jazz and funk royalty including Harvey Mason and Pino Palladino to today's trailblazers including Marcus Strickland, Kamasi Washington and Chris Dave.

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1999年よりDJ活動開始。各地のクラブから大型フェス、カフェやレストランまで様々なイベントでDJをこなす。FUNK、JAZZ、SOUL、DISCO?HIP HOP、BREAK BEATS、HOUSE、TECHNOまでジャンル問わずあらゆる音楽を吸収し、独自の解釈で一つの音楽として作り上げるプレイで多くのクラウドを魅了している。 07年、CADETレーベルにフォーカスしたコンピレーションアルバムをCHAMP(YOSUKE TOMINAGA & OIBON)名義でリリース。 08年、「FUJI ROCK FESTIAL」出演。 13年?14年には渋谷THE ROOMにて国内のトップDJとの一対一の対戦形式のイベント「男OIBON試練の十番勝負」を開催。JAZZ、HIP HOP、HOUSE、様々なシーンのトップDJと名勝負を繰り広げ話題となった。現在はCHAMP(第四金曜/THE ROOM)、HOLD ON(不定期/THE ROOM)を中心に活動中。