DJ ATN (Paris) & Shuya Okino(Kyoto Jazz Massive)

[DJ] DJ ATN (Paris) & Shuya Okino(Kyoto Jazz Massive)
[OPEN] 19:00
[CLOSE] 23:00
[CHARGE] No Charge / 1drink order

ATN : as a Soul,Funk and Disco fondamentalist, Etienne, aka DJ ATN, is a respected musical Gourmet from Paris. Early and longtime supportful member at famous DJOON Club, he's now the resident DJ at NEW MORNING, one of the most world wildly acclaimed soul funk and jazz venue. Opening and closing for legendary artists such as LEON WARE, FRED WESLEY, ROY AYERS or ED MOTTA, ATN also produces live shows such as ? Funk and The City ? or ? Soul ? and ? Jazz Successions ? promoting local newcomers (HYLEEN, LENA & THE DEEP SOUL, ECHOES OF) and international emerging artists (JARROD LAWSON, TONY MOMRELLE, CRAZY P). Now programmer and producer at NEW MORNING Radio, he's also a fine selector for compilations and has recently started collaborating on musical productions with remixer YOUNG PULSE, producing remixes for Jarrod Lawson or Gesyter. Together called MOCHI MEN, they will soon launch their label, MOCHI Records, providing DJ sets, remixes, edits, original productions and collaborations.