Tokyo Jazz Meeting

[GUEST DJ] Peter Sayn & Charles DC
[DJ] Shuya Okino(Kyoto Jazz Massive)
[OPEN] 22:00
[CHARGE] 1,000yen

Peter Sayn: Peter grew up, as youngest of 7, with jazz and soul music. His father played the trombone in the early 60ies in Boston and brought records back to Europe, which are still playing ever Sunday at their home. Ever since he selects music, mostly a distinctive blend of Disco, Funk and World, at various smaller venues from Beirut to Istanbul to Madrid and London, strongly influenced by his years living between the orient and occident. Peter is part of a music collective and label, called: Moody Collective.

Charles DC: Born in the UK - and of Dutch-Brazilian descent - Charles draws musical inspiration from his early experiences of London's underground club scene. Influenced by his grandfather, a jazz composer and enthusiast, Charles developed a passion for music production at the early age of 12. Having since lived in 6 countries across 3 continents, Charles brings an eclectic selection of sounds spanning Soul, Jazz and House. He has selected at venues such as Matter (London), Output (NYC), The Observatory (HCMC) or Wonderfruit Festival (TH).