19:00~ TAMARIBA LIVE -モミーFUNK! 投げ銭ライブ-
23:00~ CMYK with WALKERS

19:00~ TAMARIBA LIVE -モミーFUNK! 投げ銭ライブ-
Vo:モミー / Dr:数井塁 / G:鈴木井咲
[OPEN] 19:00
[START] 20:00(2stage)
[CLOSE] 23:00
[CHARGE] No Charge / Tip in Live(投げ銭)


23:00~ CMYK with WALKERS
WALKERS (Kon / Sin / Kiccio)
CMYK (Nomizo / Kirioka / Endo Nao / hyota.)

[OPEN] 23:00
[CHARGE] No Cover, Name Your Price!

今回のCMYKはホームThe Roomでは初となるオールナイト開催です!
ゲストにはThe Roomとも所縁のある、東京アンダーグラウンドシーン屈指のDigger集団、WALKERSを迎えます。
入場料はName Your Price、つまり投げ銭スタイルなのでお気軽に遊びにきてくださいね!

CMYK is happy to be back at The Room with a special guest WALKERS on May 12th.
WALKERS is a Tokyo based dj unit established by Kon, Sin and Kiccio in 2012. They're one of the most brilliant and beloved hard-diggers in the Tokyo underground club scene.
Expect great music, good vibes and plenty of dancing as always.
Of course, our resident djs, Nomizo, Kirioka, Endo Nao and Hyota will be on the decks with a large amount of VINYLS!
Entry is as "Name Your Price!" so feel free to come down!
See you in the dance.

CMYK Playlist on Spotify

CMYKはヴィンテージソウルや普遍的ジャズ、新興ディスコそして狂ったハウスの音の祭典です。クルーはNomizo, Kirioka, Endo Nao, hyota.の4人の専門家ディガーと視覚伝達家のKatsuto Tamagawaで構成されています。



Established in 2015, CMYK is a Tokyo based party in celebration of late 70s soul, spiritual jazz, emerging disco and wicked house sounds.
There are 4 expert diggers (Nomizo, Kirioka, Endo Nao and hyota.) and 1 visual artist Katsuto Tamagawa in our crew.

We provide you all colours of music from all around the world.
It doesn't matter weather you are white, black, green or blue. If you are multi-colour that's cool too.

We look forward to your visit!