cro-magnon presents『集ひ』

cro-magnon (Jazzy Sport) with friends

Endy Chen / from Shanghai (Groove Bunny Records / Daily Vinyl)
DJ ollo-MAM / from Shanghai (Daily Vinyl)

Tsuyoshi Sato (Black Edition)
Moc (Powers)
shintalow (BLUEBLACK)

[FOOD] 和田食堂
[OPEN] 22:00
[CHARGE] 2,500yen

photo_djnobu.jpgDJ NOBU (FUTURE TERROR, Bitta主宰/DJ)

とはいえ それは決して1つのDJスタイルへの固執を意味しない。

非凡にして千変万化、ブッキングされるギグのカラーやコンセプトによって自在にアプローチを変え、 自身のアンダーグラウンドなリアリティをキープしつつも常に変化を続けるのがNOBUのDJの特長であり、その片鱗は、[Dream Into Dream](tearbridge), [ON](Musicmine), [No Way Back](Lastrum), [Creep Into The Shadows](Underground Gallery)など、過去リリースしたミックスCDからも窺い知る事が出来る。


最近ではテクノの聖地"Berghain"を中心に定期的にヨーロッパ・ツアーを行っているほか、台湾のクルーSMOKE MACHINEとも連携・共振し、そのネットワークをアジアにまで拡げ、シーンのネクストを模索し続けている。

DJ NOBU (Future Terror/ Bitta - Chiba, Japan)

NOBU's stance as a DJ can be best described as underground -- his persistence is undisputed. However, that should not be confused with stylistic inflexibility.

Rather, his approach is singular and ever-changing, constantly modified and adjusted to the quality and the concept of each gig he plays. He keeps it all underground, yet he manages to mutate it. It is this ability that makes him stand out, as can be heard on his official mixes such as [Dream Into Dream] (tearbridge), [ON] (Musicmine), [No Way Back] (Lastrum) and [Creep Into The Shadows] (Underground Gallery.)
In recent years, he has been programming his set around highly abstract techno with authentic floor anthems, textured avant-electronic music as well as unknown house tracks, along with even more obscure contemporary electronic pieces. He excels in threading challenging tracks from his wide repertoires into a compelling story.

What he could present on the dance floor with his DJ set has gained much love and applause, even among many international acts he shared the stage with. Lately, he has been touring regularly to Europe including several appearances at the techno institution Berghain, collaborating with Smoke Machine crew from Taiwan, building his network worldwide to explore his new frontiers.

Endy Chen Photo1.jpgEndy Chen (Groove Bunny Records / Daily Vinyl)

Endy Chen was in the vinyl game for many years and is the proud owner of a large collection of Asian groove from the 80s.

Endy likes to discover unknown artists with tracks that make you dreamy and oh-so-groovy. His finds span all genres, from anime soundtracks to old Chinese wax. Endy has shared the stage with many great artists like Eric Lau and DJ mitsu the beats, DJ Muro. He has also been the headline of some Shanghai's coolest parties such as "WOOOZY OFFLINE: VINYL SPECIAL". He has also played guest mix sets for radio stations like NTS Radio, NOISEY, RBMA Radio and Meat & Bone in Shanghai. From the year of 2016 he started to diggin' records oversea also bring records to play in different cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Okinawa and Osaka.

In the year of 2013, Endy Chen founded his own record label, Groove Bunny Records, and has released numerous local Chinese artists on CD/cassette and vinyl, selling the records to many countries. In 2014, he co-founded the online record store 'Daily Vinyl' with DJ ollo-MAM and began to work with some of the finest indie-record labels in the world. Soon enough, DV became one of the most important record spots in China.

ollo-MAM photo2.JPGDJ ollo-MAM (Daily Vinyl)

ollo-MAM began her musical journey at 14 years old. Many different artists and styles have inspired her, including Hip-Hop / Funk / Soul / Jazz / Reggae / Electronic / Rock... In the year 2008, ollo-MAM was attracted to Turntablism. She soon bought her own equipment, began to collect records and started her DJ career in 2012. In the past few years, she has shared the stage with many great local and international artists & labels such as Egyptian Lover, Eric Lau, Henry Wu, Jon Kennedy, Jazzy Sport. Besides DJing, ollo is an event promoter and runs the online record store and music culture promotion platform "Daily Vinyl".